What is GRANDY21?
The GRANDY21, the Miyagi Pref. sports-park, where construction is advanced to the Rifu-cho Sugaya district becomes the base of the sports recreations of this prefecture turned in the 21st century as one of the main projects of the prefecture. It is the one to maintain the recreation facilities which everyone from the game facilities where a large-scale domestic and foreign sports event by which the international game is assumed to be a start to vast land extending over 146.1ha can be held and the infant to the senior citizen can enjoy also.
Conditions of location of adjacent to "Forest of the prefecture's Inhabitants" (about 410ha) which overflows in abundant greens is made the best use of, and a water, green, abundant park environments are created while taking the element of nature on the forest, the river, and the pond, etc. in abundance.
The Miyagi stadium is center facilities in the GRANDY21 maintained as a base of the sports recreation of this prefecture turned in the 21st century. The Miyagi stadium becomes the main hall of the 56th Miyagi National Sport Game and the first time sports event of physically handicapped persons in Japan of holding in 2001. In addition, it becomes the hall of World Cup soccer in 2002. Therefore, the Miyagi stadium is maintained so that a nationwide rally corresponds also to the game of the international game scale from the beginning.

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