Road to Miyagi stadium

Access to Rifu (Miyagi Stadium) via Sendai Station
Train: JR
1.Tokyo terminal -- Tohoku Shinkansen; ca. 2 hours, ca. 10,000 yen --> Sendai Station
2.Sendai Station -- Tohoku Local Line; ca. 15min., 230 yen --> Rifu Station

Air: Sendai Airport
1.--> Sendai Airport (International Airport; from Korea, China, etc.)
2.Sendai Airport -- Airport Bus; ca. 40 min., ca. 1,000 yen --> JR Sendai Station
3.Sendai Station -- Tohoku Local Line; ca. 15min., 230 yen --> Rifu Station

Access of recommendation:
[1]Road from Rifu Station

[2]Peripheral stroll information One convenience store in the front of the stadium, but 24-hours convenience stores in 2-3km far from stadium
[3]Information on convenience stores, supermarket, restaurant, etc. @JUSCO (Spermarket) 2km from the stadium
@FastFood 2km from the stadium

Service of train:JR
Tagajouseicho station (tentative name) in Touhoku Line : Opening in September, 2001.
The nearest station: Even the Rifu station is 3km far from the stadium.
The home can stop only to the organization six cars only per one at Rifu Station. As for the width of the home, the vicinity of the examination of tickets is very narrow though is about 10m when parting from the examination of tickets (width of 2-3m).
The nearest station: Even the Iwakiri station is 4.5km far from the stadium.
As for Iwakiri station, when the home is narrow (width of 3-4m), an underground passage is narrow though there are two (Touhoku upper and lower line and Rifu line the top and bottom) island-type homes.

JR: 190 yen in Sendai-Iwakiri one way(8.1 km) , 230 yen in Sendai-Rifu one way(12.3 km)
Miyagi Kotsu bus: 230 yen in one way for Rifu Station front-Sugayadai 4 chome (GRANDY 21)

Attention when car is used
The concert gets congested by GRANDY21 gyms when is. Immediately after about one hour of concert ago and concert end roughly.
Because the one side one lane between GRANDY 21 and Rifu Station , congestion is cruel.
About GRANDY 21 does not have the loophole. It is incomprehensible, and the width of the road is narrow, and it is crowded because it is under construction now. complex excluding local people the loophole of the Sugaya district.
It gets congested everytime on Sunday because JUSCO opened the store. Time zone is 1 or less and is 2km at about 11:00-14:00 from the JUSCO entrance for the Rifu highway east (Matsushima district). In the vicinity of the Yamazaki intersection for the Rifu highway west (Sendai district) in the evening.

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